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RC Helicopters(950)

Helicopter # Remote Control # Electric # MODE2 # USB Cable # Brush Motor # Remote Controller # Ready-to-Go # > 14 years old # 4 Channels # Operating Instructions # Batteries # 12-15 Years # Original Box # Metal # Plastic # Grownups # Camera # 8-11 Years # > 8 years old # Charger # PLASTIC # as description show # MODE1 # Model # As Description # As Show # As description # as descriptions show # Carbon Fiber # 2 Channels # 6-7mins # Rubber # AS SHOW # 5-7 Years # > 6 years old # Certificate #

What we have prepared for you?You're interested in drones, maybe you're just starting out with the technology of the twenty-first age and you are curious about her views. If you are looking for the perfect drone for filming and shooting, which will stand out with an affordable price, then you are in the right place. Drones available in our offer enable the execution of orders as well as the creation of own projects. We have a wide offer, where you can easily find the best drone on the market with the right performance and durability. It is possible to choose equipment that suits your needs as well as your financial needs and capabilities. We meet specific expectations of each client.

Drones at a varied price

Our products are directed to a wide audience. Professional drones are especially recommended for people who pay attention to the latest technologies. They help professional filmmakers and amateurs in their work. They work perfectly well as facilitating the work of land surveyors or specialists who work in hard-to-reach places. Among our offer are drones, which are selected by representatives of the university, as well as public units. We can not forget about hobbyists and youth, because the offer includes a number of toy drones, which are distinguished by high quality, extended work time and durability. Our store offers a wide range of drones for professionals and beginners.

Remote-controlled drones and helicopters

Drones are modern technology that testifies to the development of the twenty-first century. At the beginning they were used by the army, then they were implemented as equipment of private sectors. Currently, however, drones are generally available. They can be used by both the youngest and the older amateurs. And most importantly, it is equipment that definitely facilitates the work of many professionals. Drones have become technology that turns out to be beneficial to everyone. This is equipment designed for people who are involved in creating professional videos or making special photo sessions. They also work well for people who are passionate about the latest technologies.Drones can be an excellent toy that has a relatively small range and small work time. However, in our offer are also available drones, which allow you to capture the view from the air, and can be equipped with cameras of excellent parameters. Such drones can fly longer, and also move further distances. These models are ideally suited for improving the art of flying, filming and photographing. For those who appreciate the highest quality, we have prepared professional drones. They were created for profit, and their characteristics are the best parameters of flight and image. They have the largest range, and also allow you to extend your working time and record even a few-minute movie. They are equipped with a high resolution recording camera, and many of them additionally have an image stabilization system.

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